Frequently asked questionS (FAQ)

What is PRime PEt BOx?

Prime Pet Box is a sampler box of quality treats, toys, and supplies for pets available for purchase on

How do I order?

All of our packages are shipped from Amazon - the world leader in order fulfillment. Amazon's fast and friendly order and fulfillment process ensures your Prime Pet Box will arrive on time and at the proper destination. Order for your pet or send it as a gift to a friend. Just enter the desired delivery address when checking out on Amazon. All Prime Pet Box purchases are one and done. No subscription required.

Can i choose what's in my box?

Each Prime Pet Box includes a mix of pre-selected pet treats, toys, and supplies. All boxes are sold as is - no substitutions or modifications. All items are tested by real Prime Pets to help select a quality sampler for a range of dogs & cats. However, we understand not every pet will like every item in the box. To help ensure you love the box you purchase, we provide detailed descriptions and reviews about the box contents before you purchase - NO SURPRISES!

Have ideas for what should be in our next box? Send us your suggestions!

Are there boxes for different sizes of Pets?

Prime Pet Box was designed to have something for dogs & cats of all sizes. However it is possible a particular toy or treat may be too big or small for a pet. We recommend reviewing the product descriptions of each Prime Pet Box before purchasing to see which is right for your pet. We now have two dog gift box editions for large and small breeds.

Is there a box for cats?

Yes! We have two boxes available just for cats.

What if my Pet has allergies to ingredients in the treats?

All treats are individually wrapped and include nutritional information and ingredients from the manufacturer. It is up to the pet owner to decide whether or not to give the treat to their pet. We highly recommend reviewing the nutritional information of each treat before giving it to a pet.

Disclaimer: Prime Pet Box is not responsible for any harm or damage caused by the box or box contents

To keep your pet safe, we recommend that you:

  • supervise your pet when playing with any toys
  • keep treat bags in a place where your pet cannot reach
  • keep box and box contents out of reach of children; intended for pets only
  • remove toys from pet if any part becomes loose, damaged, or detached; the likelihood of injury to your pet increases if it is playing with a broken or damaged toy
  • review product labels of each item and remove all packaging before giving to your pet.